Duckduckgo: a search engine for geeks?

I stumbled upon DuckDuckGo a while back already, but with the release of LinuxMint 12, DuckDuckGo suddenly gained a lot of media attention. But is DuckDuckGo just a minimalistic Google clone? Or is there more to it? The main arguments that the maker poses, are that it doesn't track you, and doesn't bubble you. That all sounds pretty good, but it's not enough to convince your average geek.

After using it for a while, you might notice that the results are not as good as those from Google. Looking for things that are known globally, such as large company names or open source projects usually land you on the right spot, but local shops or news just won't show up. Obviously, Google manages to get it right because of it's famous bubble/tracking. It looks at the IP address of where you're connecting from and provides you with local information. Something that DuckDuckGo explicitly doesn't do.
This doesn't mean you can't get localized search results from DuckDuckGo though! If you take the time to visit the settings page, you'll see what I like best about DuckDuckGo: it doesn't treat you like a child and let's you decide for yourself what you want. You want localized results? Wikipedia results? Links in orange on a purple background? SSL encryption? Content that uses the entire width of your screen? You can have it all.
And to top it all off: if you're one of those privacy conscious people who actually delete their browser cookies like me, you can give all these parameters as GET parameters, so you can store it in a bookmark or use it as your home page:

So give it a chance, and invest some time in tweaking the settings. You might actually like it.