There are many choices for terminal emulators on Linux, but here is one that only recently grabbed my attention and is proving especially useful on large screens: terminator.

When you first start terminator, it looks like just any other old terminal, but with a red bar at the top. The real power though, comes from it's awesome window splitting. A right click shows the "split horizontal" and "split vertical" options, which will cleanly divide your screen in two. You can keep doing this to subdivide even further, giving you multiple, nicely spread terminal windows.

If you learn the shortcut keys, things go even faster:

  • Ctrl-Shift-o: split horizontally
  • Ctrl-Shift-e: split vertically
  • Ctrl-Shift-x: maximize/unmaximize active terminal
  • Ctrl-Shift-arrow keys: resize the active terminal
  • F11: fullscreen

I also like to enable the "follow mouse cursor" focus option, so you just move your mouse around to select which terminal you type into.

Install on Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install terminator
Install on Arch: pacman -S terminator