NoMachine NX kicks VNC ass

NX technology was developed to greatly enhance the X windows protocol for use over slow network connections. It can be used to provide desktop virtualisation by making an X windows session on a Linux/Solaris system available remotely. The functionality can be compared to that of running a VNC server, but with some major advantages:

  • It's faster
  • It's encrypted (uses ssh tunneling by default)
  • It supports multiple simultaneous user sessions through the same network port, unlike VNC

The functionality can be compared to that of Windows Remote Desktop services, but then for GNU/Linux and Solaris.

Commercial packages are available from A free version comes with a limit on two simultaneous users.
However, there is also an opensource implementation called FreeNX, which does not have this limitation.
Packages are available for all major distributions.

Debian wiki:
CentOS wiki:
FreeNX home page:
NoMachine official site: